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Posted in 12 Jun 2015 | readmore

1. Jadwal UAS Genap 2014-2015 | download 2. Tata tertib UAS Genap | download 3. Daftar Mahasiswa yg terkena absensi | download

Posted in 21 May 2015 | readmore

Vienna – Yesterday (19/5) I (*Yusfan) had an opportunity to see a public lectures session of a starchitect. Because of its five stars, it was very crowded at Kupersaal of TU which the hall is quite interesting for me. For the first time I was there. This timber-constructed hall is located in the middle-top of [...]

Posted in 06 May 2015 | readmore

Aboday architectural consultants and the Department of Architecture at the University of Pelita Harapan back National Architecture Student Competition held for the third time. This year, the competition highlights the association between the architecture and infrastructure with the theme Node. “Thinking about the node and the network is how ‘flow’ can flow smoothly, how to [...]

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