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alumni ub juara 5 besar-2016Malang government plan for the center is expected to become the center of Islamic activities in Malang well as to accommodate the various needs of community activities. As a first step in the development process has been organized Islamic Center Design Competition Malang in October to December 2016. “The Islamic Center is planned to be built on an area of ​​5.6 ha in the village Arjowinangun. Later not only intended as a place of worship, but also centers of Islamic activities, the development of character and harmony, even driving home industry and tourist destinations kosher, “said the Head of Bappeda Kota Malang Drs. Wasto, SH, MH in malangkota.go.id. Bappeda Kota Malang has memnentukan jury consisting of representatives of Islamic organizations, governments, architects, urban designers, academics, cultural and Islamic artists. On December 16, 2016 and has announced the Top 5 ratings Design Contest Malang Islamic Center in 2016, which is dominated by fellow alumni of the Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya. 1st Place won by Ade Yudirianto Force Alumni, 1998, 2nd Place was won by Livie Sukma Taristania Force Alumni, 2006, while the Champion of Hope 1 M. Irfan & 2007 Syamsul Hardi Force Bravo Architecture Alumni FT UB! Continue working and achivement!

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