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April 2, 2017 became the culmination of a series of Pro HM FT-UB 2016-2017 event titled “Mati Suri”. The highlight of the event contains the Architecture Talkshow with Ir. Baskoro Tedjo, MSEB, Ph.D, Ir. Andy Mappajaya, IAI, and Ir. Sahirwan, IAI is the theme of Kayutangan Area Preservation. In harmony with the theme of Mati […]

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The annual workshop of the Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering (FT) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) was held on Friday (24/Mar/2017). Alumni and Architecture Practitioners were invited as panelists. Main topics discussed this time is the preparation of the department to open the Professional Architecture Education Program (PPARs). In the workshop also held an event to commemorate […]

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Again, alumni of the Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya, not only to take part in the professional world as an architect, but also carve achievements in architectural design competitions. This time Chikman Najib, ST, IAI, the alumni class of 2000, as the head of the team has won first prize in the […]

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ALUR DAFTAR ULANG MAHASISWA S1 JURUSAN ARSITEKTUR Mahasiswa membayar biaya pendidikan (bank/atm) Mahasiswa membayar iuran IOM (IKATAN ORANG TUA MAHASISWA) (Fakultas L-1) Mahasiswa menyerahkan bukti pembayaran biaya pendidikan (1 rangkap) copy Mahasiswa mengentri KRS Online (jadwal terlampir) dan mencetak KRS Mahasiswa menemui dosen Penasehat Akademik untuk validasi (ttd dosen) KRS dan KHS. Mahasiswa Baru mengisi […]

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Malang government plan for the center is expected to become the center of Islamic activities in Malang well as to accommodate the various needs of community activities. As a first step in the development process has been organized Islamic Center Design Competition Malang in October to December 2016. “The Islamic Center is planned to be […]

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Kelengkapan : 1. Form Rekomendasi Terkena Blacklist Absen (Form A) | download  >> DAFTAR MAHASISWA BLACKLIST DI PENGAJARAN<< 2. Form Rekomendasi Ujian Bersamaan (Form B) | download 3. Form Rekomendasi (Form C) | download 651 total views, 1 views today

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Structuring or designing energy efficient homes in any context is always expected to retain the natural resources and lifestyle of the user. It is caused by several potential footprint and lifestyle changes, especially in urban areas. Problems growing energy crisis on the urban environment. Increased housing needs and energy consumption by users demanding solutions that […]

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The fourth National Seminar Series, Semesta Arsitektur Nusantara (SAN) 4 by Department of Architecture UB finally held on 17-18 November 2016. Present as a speaker; Ir. Eko Prawoto, M.Arc, Dr. Martinus Ir Bambang Susetyarto, Prof.Ir.Antariksa, M. Eng., Ph.D., and Dr. Amos Setiadi., ST., MT. Seeing globalization era phenomenon in which the identity of a nation […]

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In the world of global information, an age where technological developments are accessible to cross-border, student is required to develop wide communication network. An opportunity to exchange knowledge and establish a connection with the perpetrators of architecture from around the world, Dezzalina Dyana, followed Arcasia Student Jamboree 2016 in Hong Kong . During the week, […]

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Rabu dan Jumat (26-28/Okt/2016), Jurusan Arsitektur Universitas Brawijaya menyelenggarakan workshop dengan tema “Kajian Lingkungan Hidup Strategis”. Workshop ini diselenggarakan dalam rangkaian acara Temu Ilmiah IPLBI 2016 Malang. IPLBI adalah asosiasi pengembang pengetahuan bidang Arsitektur, Arsitektur Lansekap, perencanaan, pengembang kebijakan dan bidang keilmuan terkait lingkungan binaan. Organisasi ini resmi berdiri pada tanggal 28 Oktober 2011. Workshop […]

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