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Working closely with Nippon Paint, the Department of Architecture held a guest lecture as well as briefing the Asia Young Designer Award competition. The Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) began in 2008 as a commitment to educate and develop next generation creative ideas. Since then, AYDA has expanded into a competition with the participation of 15 countries in Asia. Nippon Paint Guest Lecture – Asia Young Designer Award was held on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at Auditorium Prof. Suryono, Dekanat FTUB Building Floor 2. Target participants about 150 students Architecture cross batch. This activity is focused on the explanation of AYDA and the brief of its competition by representatives from Nippon Paint and sharing experiences from Nelza M. Iqbal as Gold Winner AYDA 2012 to motivate students to compete.

The event opened with remarks by the chief executive, Andika Citraningrum, ST, MT, MSc representing the Chairman of the Department of Architecture who was unable to attend. In his speech, the chief executive hopes that UB architecture students can participate in AYDA competition and follow in the footsteps of one of the alumni, Nelza M. Iqbal who ever won this competition. The core activities begin with the video and product knowledge of Nippon Paint. Followed by a presentation about AYDA competition by representatives from Nippon Paint. In the presentation also presented the competition briefs AYDA. More information about the competition can be seen on the website http://www.asiayoungdesigneraward.com/. This session concludes with a question and answer about the competition of OREO. After the brief explanation of the competition ended, followed by experience sharing session by Nelza M. Iqbal, alumnus of Architecture Department of FTUB and Gold Winner AYDA 2012. The question and answer session lasted for 30 minutes by participants to Nelza M. Iqbal. The event ended with the submission of a certificate by Nippon Paint to the Department of Architecture FTUB which then replied with the delivery of souvenirs from the Department of Architecture to Nippon Paint

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