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Acara puncak, talkshowApril 2, 2017 became the culmination of a series of Pro HM FT-UB 2016-2017 event titled “Mati Suri”. The highlight of the event contains the Architecture Talkshow with Ir. Baskoro Tedjo, MSEB, Ph.D, Ir. Andy Mappajaya, IAI, and Ir. Sahirwan, IAI is the theme of Kayutangan Area Preservation. In harmony with the theme of Mati Suri itself, this peak event is held in the courtyard of Kayutangan’s shop.
In the previous week, precisely on March 26, 2017, architecture students from FT-UB have also socialized this event through Road to 1 Mati Suri in Malang weekly event that is Car Free Day. Socialization in the form of games maket area and sharing info about the area Kayutangan get enthusiasm from visitors of Car Free Day.
While the next series, on April 1, 2017 there is Road to 2 Mati Suri event in the form of discussion and roaming Kayutangan area. Participants are guided by A Day To Walk Community to explore the cultural heritage buildings along the corridor of Jl. Basuki Rachmad. The community itself is a pedestrian community focused on exploring memorable and iconic areas in Malang. The event was closed with games and discussions with the A Day to Walk community, the Kayutangan merchant community as well as the local people, the residents of RW IX.Road to 1, games maket
Road to 2, jalan2 bersama komunitas 2In addition to talkshow that started at 7 pm, on April 2, at a location not far from the courtyard of Kayutangan’s shop at Rumah Namsin also held an exhibition of architectural works from students of Architecture FT-UB. The exhibition, which opened from 9 am to 9 pm, attracted the attention of local residents, even some foreign tourists were enthusiastic and spent time in the exhibition to discuss the work on display. Namsin’s own home is one of the oldest building’s oldest buildings in the Kayutangan area. Formerly functioning as a camera shop Fotax, now Rumah Namsin is just an empty house that unfortunately has a architecture that is too unique to miss. Through Mati Suri, in collaboration with IAI Malang and A Day to Walk community, architecture students of FT-UB try to open the eyes of society that Kayutangan area is a conservation area that we still have to preserve.
At the top event of Mati Suri there is also a launching event of Bale Magazine. Bale magazine is an annual architectural magazine HMA-FT UB that has long vacuum, until finally can be reborn on this occasion. The theme of the magazine was carried a setema with Mati Suri is the preservation of Kayutangan area. Not to mention there are also announcements of winners of the photo and video contest of Kayutangan area held before. The top event was closed by Iksan Scooter, a musician from Malang who actively voiced social and political issues in his works.

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