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2 Days 3 Professors in Architecture Depatment

  • Kegiatan,
  • 28 April 2015
  • Posted by Admin
visiting profesor-sue

Discuss thoroughly about climate responsive building in the relation to sustainable architecture, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Brawijaya invite 3 Professor to give a guest lecture, Wednesday to Friday (8-10 / 4). Prof. Fergus Nicol from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford England, Together with his colleague Prof. Sue Roaf of Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, England. Both the author of Ecohouse, and Adapting Buildings and City for Climate change. Together with them, Prof. Tri Harso Karyono of Mr. Abeng University author of Green Architecture: Introduction to the understanding of green architecture in Indonesia.

Citing Agung Murti Nugroho, ST., MT., Ph.D., who is also lecturer and practitioner of climate responsive building, “this is a very good chance that should be utilized by a student, architecture practitioners even the lecturer to absorb knowledge as much as possible.” He motivate the participants to enthusiastically followed the lecture series. This Public lecture is open to the public so that the academics, practitioners and students of Bachelor to Post graduate of architecture Department are welcome to attend classes free of charge.

Starting from April 8, three professors firstly follow the architecture department Field trip visiting energy-efficient home models that implement solar chimney for floating ventilation, smart windows and vertical gardens in the Saxofone area. On this energy efficient home models visit also conducted a discussion of some of the opportunities for cooperation and research funding from abroad to develop the application of research results on a wider scope. On this occasion, Prof. Susan roaf offer joint cooperation in making “solar campong” in the area of Malang. Of course, this opportunity could be followed up more seriously, especially since HMA FT UB Department of Architecture has had a village Development program in several regions in Malang. Both professors are also very interested in the application of solar chimney as building ventilation because they has a common interest in developing the building ventilation system.

the next day, Architecture Department dont want to waste the opportunity and held 3 Guest Lecture in a row. Starting at 09.00 am with the theme “Ecohouse Design” the three Professor giving their Lecture at Conference Room, 1st floor of Architecture department building, this course is compulsory for students participating in courses Energy Efficient Architecture (AHE) and Tropical Nusantara Architecture (ATN). Continued after the lunch break with the Parallel Lectures at the Architecture Dept. integrated lab with theme “Adapting Buildings and City for Climate change” by Prof. Sue Roaf which  is compulsory for Science Technology Building III (SKB III) course participants and at the same time the theme “Adaptive Thermal Comfort” of Prof. Fergus Nicol located at the 2nd floor B.23-B.24 Architecture Building, compulsory for Science Technology Building I (SKB I) course participants.

On the last day, the Visiting Professor Program 2015 Department of architecture once again gather the three professors to discuss about the “Sustainable Design”  that open to the public. The presentations up to the question and answer session responded enthusiastically by the participants, considering the issues raised were very relevant to environmental issues lately.

At 11.00 a.m Guest lecture of the Visiting Professor Program 2015 Department of Architecture closed with  souvenir giving to the three presenters. “Having the opportunity to get knowledge from Prof. Fergus, Prof. Sue and Prof. Tri Harso all in one occasion is a rare opportunity and should be appreciated by the students. This program is expected to be the inspiration for the participants to explore Architecture as wide as possible to preserve the best possible environment as well.” close Agung Murti Ph.D. (emis/mic)

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