Through the 2023 Independent Campus Competition Program (PKKM) Grant, the Bachelor of Architecture Study Program, Department of Architecture FTUB has launched a number of programs to improve learning both on and off campus, application of knowledge to provide direct contributions to partners, increased collaboration with other universities, and increased quality of students and lecturers. Among these activities is the implementation of the MBKM program in collaboration with the District’s Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD). Lumajang. This MBKM activity aims to increase students’ experience and insight in the field, especially regarding the design of disaster resilient settlements. In this MBKM program, physical, non-physical conditions and design needs are identified before entering into the disaster resilient settlement design process in each disaster resilient village case study. The presentation of the results of the observations and identification was carried out in a discussion forum on September 25 2023 in Lumajang, together with the District BPBD. Lumajang, who also acted as the MBKM field supervisor, and also present were the Chief Executive of BPBD Lumajang Regency, Patria Dwi Hastiadi who gave directions, and the Chair of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) East Java Ar. Gayuh Budi Utomo, IAI who also provided input and insight from the perspective of a practicing architect, where IAI Jatim has been involved in planning and supervising shelters after the Semeru disaster.