As a form of community service, the Department of Architecture FTUB carried out community service activities in the form of developing a mosque building design at the New Pandanrejo Residence Housing Complex which is located in Wagir District, Malang Regency.

The form of service that has been carried out is making design drawings for the At Taqwa Mosque building in New Pandanrejo Residence according to the needs of the community and the land they own. This activity is a community service program implemented from 2022 until now, funded by BPP FTUB.

The implementation team headed by Dr.techn. Ir. Yusfan Adeputera Yusran with Dr. Ir. Joko Triwinarto took the initiative to develop this mosque so that it could accommodate community activities. On the other hand, residents also realize that this development requires quite a lot of funds. “The development of this building really hopes for assistance from various parties/donors so that it can support the smooth running of this development in the future,” said Ruslan, the chief executive of the construction of the At Taqwa Mosque.

The Community Service Program which is routinely carried out by the Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University is a program that is quite effective in helping to organize several physical facilities and raise public awareness to build, maintain and develop environmental management activities. Through this program, generally activities under this program are carried out by optimizing potential and cooperation between parties. One interesting phenomenon to study and use as an object for community service activities is to see how community participation improves the quality of their lives together.