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Ketindan Tourism Village, which is one of the villages that has development potential in terms of natural conditions, industry and agriculture, has sufficient capital to develop. Apart from that, in its existing condition, Ketindan Village has the potential for Garden and Ginger tourism, and Dragon Fruit Tourism as well as superior products such as Fruit Juice Drinks, Bakpia, Herbal Sweets, Instant Drinks, Chips and Traditional Herbal Medicine. Of course, the existing potential needs to be managed well so that it can be integrated and become an opportunity in developing Ketindan Village into one of the leading tourist villages.

Community service activities by the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University through the Development of the Ketindan Tourism Village Masterplan are expected to help the local government to develop the Ketindan tourist village in the form of eco-tourism. The product of community service activities is in the form of a master plan development document which contains a development program roadmap, action plan and design of a tourist area with potential land that has been provided by the village government.