Research and Community Services, Faculty of Engineering is a body under the guidance dean everyday handed over to the Assistant Dean of academic fields. The agency is headed by a chairman who is assisted by a secretary. To run the affairs of the secretariat seconded administrative staff. Since the establishment of BPP FT has done as much as 6 times a change of leadership.

In carrying out the task of assessing and monitoring the results of the study, assisted by BPP BPP Faculty Programs consisting of 2 to 3 members. In carrying out research tasks BPP can cooperate with the leadership of the laboratory directly.

> Struktur Organisasi

struktur BPP

Head of BPP FTUB
Dr. Eng. Denny Widhiyanuriyawan, ST., MT
NIP : 19750113 200012 1 001
e-mail : denny_w[at]

Ir. Teguh Utomo, MT
NIP : 19650913 199103 1 003
e-mail : teguhutomo_jte[at]

Coordinator of Research Departement
Dr. Eng. Alwafi Pujiraharjo, ST., MT
NIP : 19700829 200012 1 001
e-mail : alwafi[at]

Coordinator of Service Department
Dr. Ir. A. Wahid Hasyim, MSP
NIP : 19651218 199412 1 001
e-mail : whasyim[at]

Member of Research Department

  • Dr. Eng. Runi Asmaranto, ST., MT
    NIP : 19710830 200012 1 001
    e-mail : runiasmaranto71[at]
  • Ir. Bambang Poerwadi, MS
    NIP : 19600126 198603 1 001
    e-mail : bpoerwadiub[at]

Member of Community Service Department

  • Sugiono, S.Si, MT., Ph.D.
    NIP : 19780114 200501 1 001
    e-mail : sugiono_ub[at]
  • Subhan Ramdlani, ST., MT
    NIP : 19750918 200812 1 002
    e-mail : ramdlani94[at]

Function and Duties of each unit:

Head of BPP FTUB :

  1. Develop and coordinate research activities, community service and co-ordinated development of educational goals and Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya;
  2. Connect with all parties (Stakeholders and Shareholders) related to research activities, community service, and cooperation;
  3. Doing evaluation and report to the dean.


  1. Assist the Head of BPP in the research administration activities, community service, and cooperation;
  2. Could represent Head of BPP as assigned by the Head of BPP;
  3. Assist the Head of BPP to evaluate each activity annualy.

Coordinator of Research Departement:

  1. Coordinate research activities of the source of funds;
  2. Directing research-based activities in accordance to scientific field for every majors and cross-majors;
  3. Develop a research collaboration with all parties with science and technology-oriented.

Coordinator of Community Service Departement:

  1. Coordinate community service activities in FTUB;
  2. Directing community service activities that support the development of learning materials and public requirement;
  3. Develop community service activities with all parties oriented to the needs of local development;
  4. Forming teamworks according to the need for each activity.