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Arsitektur Universitas Brawijaya
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The identity of a nation is an important role in the international world. Strong identity is able to maintain and maintain the integrity of a nation from the development of globalization that increasingly slowly fade the cultural locality. The identity of a nation is what distinguishes a nation from other nations. The identity of a nation can not be separated from the local culture, the local environment, and the communities that support it.

Efforts to maintain this cultural identity can be realized from various perspectives, one of them in the field of architecture. Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, 7-8 September 2017 held an international conference at Ballroom Hotel Atria Malang. This international conference is a collaboration between the Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya with Technische Universitat Wien, Vienna, Austria. In addition, it also works with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and ITS as Scientific Committee.

The conference carries the concept of local wisdom that can be seen as a response to rationality, and local wisdom towards the chance toward universality. It aims to involve participating interests in the development of environmental sustainability in cultural areas, especially in Southeast Asia or the archipelago.

Participants at this conference involve researchers, professionals, academics, organizations, NGO bodies, developers, students, and others who have an interest in the field of sustainable environmental developments in cultured areas. The number of conference participants from Universitas Brawijaya itself is around 230 students per day, 12 people from outside of UB including IAI Malang member, students from Bung Hatta University Padang, students from ITS Interior Design, architect consultants, and participants from Malaysia, 56 participants invitation which included lecturer of S1 and S2 Department of Architecture Universitas Brawijaya.

The international conference took place in two days with different subthemes using parallel sessions. The event started at 7:00 to 16:30, opened with prayer readings, remarks from the chief executive of Abraham Mohammad Ridjal, ST., MT, chairman of IAI Malang Mr Sahirwan, remarks from Mr. Agung Murti Nugroho, ST., MT., Ph.D. as the chairman of UB’s FT architecture department, and remarks from the Dean of UB’s Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT as well as beating the gong as a sign of the commencement of the event. The opening of this conference was also enlivened by the neat appearance of the opening dance of Saman dance Universitas Brawijaya which received a standing ovation

The event was followed by a presentation from Nippont Paint as the event sponsor. Then continuous material and discussion sessions from two keynote speakers and five invited speakers from four different countries. On the first day of this session moderated by Dr. Yusfan A. Yusran, ST., MT with the first keynote speaker, Prof. Erich Lehner from TU Wien, Vienna, Austria. Prof. Erich Lehner discusses “Aspects of Identity in Indonesian Building Traditions”. The second keynote speaker, Yori Antar architect, discusses “Indonesian Archipelago, Unity in Diversity (17,508 Island, 560 Tribes)” The delivery of materials from Yori Antar gets good enthusiasm from the participants. Evident from the applause that is often given when Yori throws the sentence that Indonesia is very rich in culture and not inferior to abroad. This session was ended with the presentation of materials from Mr. Agung Murti Nugroho., ST., MT., Ph.D as invited speakers from UB who discussed “Science of Contemporary Nusantara Architecture”.

Material sessions and discussions on the second day were moderated by Dr.Eng. Novi Sunu S. Giriwati, ST., MT., MSc, lecturer Department of Architecture FT UB with invited speakers namely Prof. Riken Homma (Kumamoto University, Japan). He discussed “How to evaluate and improve sustainable cityspace: A case study on castle town in Kumamoto”. Dr. Mohd Zin Kandar (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) discusses “Maintaining Green for Modern Archipelago”, then the material by Dr. Ulrike Herbig (TU Wien, Vienna, Autria) on “Transformation of Traditional Architecture in Indonesia – A Concept for Holistic Approach”, and the last invited speaker Dr. Susilo Kusdiwanggo, ST., MT, lecturer of Department of Architecture FT UB entitled “Pattern of Spatial Movement to Build Vertical Space” which discusses the pattern of spatial movement in some big temples in Indonesia and review around Kasepuhan Ciptagelar as a village that still runs its custom. The afternoon event was also enlivened by the musical performance of the Architecture Band.

The next session is a parallel session divided into 3 sessions with each different moderator and subtheme. A complete paper that passes the review process to be presented. On the first day there were 15 speakers and 16 different speakers on the second day. The speakers come from different universities throughout Indonesia, even from Malaysia. They came with high enthusiasm to present their research results related to the theme. In fact there are speakers with special needs from ITB with the title of paper “Universal Design Concept of Public Lecture Space in ITB Campus for The Students of Disabilities” also attended to present his paper in this international conference. It proves that this event is in great demand in order to realize the development of environmental sustainability in the cultural area, especially in Southeast Asia or Nusantara.

At the end of the event there was an award for the best presenters presenters won by Nur Rahmawati Syamsiyah under the title “The Proportion Effect of Javanese Traditional Architecture in Reducing Noise, Case Study: The Great Mosque of Yogyakarta Royal Palace, Indonesia”. Then the event was closed by traditional dance from Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya that amaze the conference participants.
The Indonesian tradition that still survives to this day is a strength to maintain the identity of the Indonesian nation amid rapid development especially in the field of architecture. Efforts to preserve local culture are the main objectives, one of them is the archipelago-themed Architecture Conference by studying from various viewpoints in architecture ranging from local wisdom, philosophy, local cultural heritage, and national identity today. So that Indonesia is able to maintain the identity of the nation amid waning locality of the nation, especially in the field of architecture.

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