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Let’s Learn From Maki

  • Berita,
  • 21 May 2015
  • Posted by Admin

Vienna – Yesterday (19/5) I (*Yusfan) had an opportunity to see a public lectures session of a starchitect. Because of its five stars, it was very crowded at Kupersaal of TU which the hall is quite interesting for me. For the first time I was there. This timber-constructed hall is located in the middle-top of the oldest buildings on this campus. Actually it is an attic, yet can accommodate up to two hundred people. At that time I was late and unexpectedly, two hundred people already piled up the room. For saw the starchitect I had to sitting on the floor. Fortunately parquet, not so dirty. And, not only students, professor to vice dean also sat at there.

It was up on a slide; A journey to the west. I am amazed at this figure. His hair was thin and white so that his scalp was visible. His english was fluent, though haltingly, mixed with his mother tongue dialect. But still clearly catched by the audience. Aged did not mean to be old and oblivious. Slide-by-slide passed and he still remembers every detail of the design steps which he did once in each of his masterpiece. “Tremendous”, I muttered

In each of his masterpiece clearly explained how to performing architecture. Through his work, he describes how a function embodied without leaving the essence of the function itself and ‘flowing’, creates a new function. No wonder, metabolism is deeply felt in every work. Elements also plays. Water, light, soil, trees all composed slick and exquisitely. Up to a museum which is make me amazed where the wall with same color is bent, to be different. ‘Light manipulation’, he said. The museum has just finished, dedicated to the Aga Khan to mark and appreciate the architectural concepts that successfully accommodate the needs and aspirations of the Islamic community in the path of contemporary design.

Yup, Fumihiko Maki. 86 years! Many people consider him as a modernist. It was in the west there is Le Corbu revolutionized classicism. In the east, with Kikutake and Kurokawa, they beared Metabolism. Had guided by Tange, then he flapping wings to the West. His work is incalculable and all masterpiece. Until his newly launched last year, the 4th WTC. Behind the controversy of september eleven, cautiously he catch and revive the phenomenon to his work. Reflection, I said. With glass material plus glossy granite, water and metabolism, preening into a massive reflective core and try encasing bitter memory into elegant composition. Interestingly, sometimes the building was ‘lost’. Despite myself, I want to ask ‘why glass?, which is not sustainable, what if the earthquake happen, how about the glare, when it unvisible, hit by a helicopter/plane’. However, I am aware, I should comtemplating through myself. That is the art of architecture. Architecture is an option. That’s why we know Maki, we know Zaha, we know Koolhass, we know Mangunwijaya

How we can appreciate the difference, if we do not understand ‘different’ itself. How do we value an idea if we ourselves turn a blind to the ‘idea’ itself. Why the western world is more developed? Because here, no matter how small and precious of the idea, still be heard. Different with us, often feel smart, always feel older, so oftenly we do not want to pay attention of that.

On the other hand, Maki taught me how much our desire to flap its wings. No matter the age, regardless the race, status, even money. Remind me to Rhenald Kasali’s article about Money or Meaning.

Happy National Awakening Day …
May soon we rise up!

Nusantara Jayatara
Merdeka !!!

* Yusfan Adeputera Yusran is a lecturer of architecture UB who also still pursue his doctorate in the department of history of architecture and building archaeology at Vienna Institute of Technology.

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