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Berita. Dosen.

We can do it

  • Berita, Dosen,
  • 6 January 2016
  • Posted by Admin
we can do it

Vienna – Attracting readers Compass (online) today, January 1, 2016 about the Indonesian Engineers deficit. This problem is actually an old issue that blow up again, responding to the seriousness of the current government is very eager to open access on the outskirts of the priority infrastructure development. Interesting what? We both know, almost all universities in Indonesia at least certainly has a course that produces graduates Engineers candidate. Registered (forlap Higher Education) 529 universities, 123 institutes, polytechnic 238, not including 2000s high school and academic 1000an! If the calculated rough, how about the number of graduate engineers produced to date? Indeed realized (PII) also that only 40% are working according to the field. Continues where the harm?

2016 became the beginning of a real implementation of the MEA, and this issue will continue to sag in the universe perinsinyuran. Not surprisingly well will eventually appear populist policies such as benefits to hundreds of millions who initiated PII to incentives for the faculty of engineering. But unfortunately if judging depth, the policy pivot on one only professional organization. While on the other hand limp, as if the politicization also has spread to them. We can see from the intricate complexity of the discussion of the bill bin Architects today. Yet the irony Architect itself apart from competing with architects Caucasians, they also compete with a self-taught expert aka waking up handyman.

Reflecting on Si Doel (Son of the School), we are aware, the problems of education to-Engineer’s not only by the organizers, in this particular higher education providers. The main deciding factor is really on ourselves each student. Followed volition without hard work surely only be a daydream. Here’s a real example of this phenomenon.

Once, when a student assistance to me about the design methods, I advised him to read the Poetics of Architecture. Behind the student asked, ‘That use of language what sir?’, I joked ‘Java language!’. The student grumbling. Another time, when I was teaching architecture MK archipelago of Java architecture which incidentally references of Fiber Centhini. One student asked ‘fiber iku opo sir?’ I joked ‘Boso Enggris, Bro!’. Class grumble. Wolak ‘walking’ era.

On another occasion, I gave the material to several candidates PKM architecture students. Karma, then I was grumbling! I grumbled when it is caused by a number of participants who qualify PKM-KC with seputaran design theme pioneered by Prodi Prodi non-technical, and ironically none of the students (architecture) that is sensitive to such phenomena.

The above description is a clear picture of less-willing-to-late student (and) we are to continue to explore science. Most of the students are satisfied with what he got in the classroom, with theories that menyolot via beamer. Not eager to dissect deeper, more so thinking surrounding potential to be developed into something of value to society. We often turn a blind eye to the development out there, focus on solving current problems, less visionary. While the engineers out there already doing mapping and ready to pounce. Coupled with the phenomenon of ‘Flirt Island Neighbors’ plowing young workers with the best we inducement scholarship / salary tempting.

Domestic conditions are not too in favor for graduates ‘fresh’, with mediocre skills. With all the limitations, must always patient with the ‘terms and conditions’ prevailing ‘nrimo’ subtle language. Which ultimately give up to continue to pursue his craft. And with added skills (eg, communication) are qualified, do not rule out the MEA was no longer a challenge, but as an opportunity to spread the wings.

Well, here’s what we need to be equally prepared. On the side of educators, we must prepare a reliable power. Capital? with reference sophisticated ammunition and qualified. We must also often out looking. Agree, we must prioritize the locality, but the more ideas will emerge when we look at the outside world. With the conference, that’s our opportunity to review our skills in writing, reading, speaking and looks at the wider world. With the devotion ‘real’, that’s the theory we teach hoped to be appropriate in the community.

On the student side, besides take time to explore the world outside (read: Passport by Kasali), we must prepare ourselves in the midst of global competition with the (hard and soft) qualified skills. By looking deeper on the outside, undoubtedly further hone our ability to read the phenomenon, which eventually sparked creativity. Out of convenience, with a strong will, any challenge can surely passed. If you want to, you’ll find the way. If you do not want to, you’ll find excuses.

1 Januari 2016
Yusfan Adeputera Yusran, ST., MT (Lecture; Alumni)

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