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Prof. Julaihi Wahid Exploring City Identity

  • Berita, Kegiatan,
  • 22 June 2016
  • Posted by Admin
Prof Julaihi

Lecture and Workshop was held by City Settlement Design Laboratory of Department of Architecture, Tuesday (14 / June / 2016). Under the theme of City Identity in City Design in the Global Era, Prof. Dr. Julaihi Wahid from UNIMAS (University Malaysia Sarawak) speak as the presenter. Prof Julaihi discuss the constituent elements of the city and how its correlation with the identity of the city.

Seminar and workshop itself are within series of Prof Julaihi’s agendas in Malang. Other activities include initiating MoA and preparation of NURI ((Nusantara Urban Research Institute), an International seminar which will be held in UB in 2018.

The event was divided into two sessions.  The seminar took place in the Auditorium Prof. Suryono 2nd floor of UB Faculty of Engineering (FT-UB) Building. After the lunch break, activities continued with a workshop session held at Integrated Studio of Architecture Department.

Getting in depth to city’s identity by knowing its constituent elements, opens from Prof. Julaihi’s presentation.
“We face problems of generalization and uniformity in visual form of the city. In fact it’s not necessarily fit in with humans living in it. “Said Prof Julaihi throws problems to participants.

“The task of design is to help cities realizing their identity and credentials. The city is expected to develop the potential and create innovation to meet the needs of its citizens hence raising the quality of the city . “He continued, while explaining the mental and physical elements that affect the identity of the city, such as the state of the social and cultural as well as supporting infrastructure.

Dr. Jenny Ernawati, one of managers from City Settlement Design Laboratory, stating that the seminar is intended for students of architecture class of 2013 and 2014.

“The two classes are in the process of undergoing the course; Principles of Urban Design, Environment and Behaviour Architecture, as well as the City Landscape. In the workshop all participants were asked to prepare a presentation in front of Prof. Julaihi based on the task assigned to related subjects. “Said Dr. Jenny.

Prof. Julaihi reviewing tasks from selected students who conduct surveys and prepare analysis and recommendations on the object they had surveyed. The first is the traditional landscape survey and observation on the banks of the river Musi Palembang. Continued with, survey and observation of traditional landscape on the banks of Kalimas Surabaya. (emis/SR)

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