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SAN 4 2016: Nationality Of Archipelago Architecture

  • Berita,
  • 22 November 2016
  • Posted by Admin

The fourth National Seminar Series, Semesta Arsitektur Nusantara (SAN) 4 by Department of Architecture UB finally held on 17-18 November 2016. Present as a speaker; Ir. Eko Prawoto, M.Arc, Dr. Martinus Ir Bambang Susetyarto, Prof.Ir.Antariksa, M. Eng., Ph.D., and Dr. Amos Setiadi., ST., MT.

Seeing globalization era phenomenon in which the identity of a nation plays an important role in keeping the identity in the international arena, SAN 4 2016 carries the theme “National Archipelago Architecture”.

“Unmarked nation will dissolve in the similar and uniform built environment and not capable of displaying his trademark as a unique and dignified self,” said Professor Antariksa.

For him, this national seminar is expected to formulate the science “Cultural Identity of Nusantara Architecture” for the good of man and nature in general. On this two-day seminar was also held the presentation of the participants, call of paper, and Exhibition of Architecture Students works.

At the opening ceremony of the SAN 4, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering attended the opening ceremony. Dr. Ir Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT stressed the importance of organizing such national seminar in UB, especially in Faculty of Engineering.

“FT is committed to becoming a pioneer in formulating the best contribution to advancing the nation and the State. FT as one of the foremost Engineering Institution in Indonesia should be in the forefront of national development,” he said.

According to the Dean, the implementation of this annual seminar of Department of Architecture is in line with the vision of FT-UB to be an institution with high competitiveness in Asia and International level. In addition, the results of the seminar also support the rector call to realize a qualified and reputable UB.

“As Faculty leader we fully support the real contribution of the campus to the community. Please submitted the result of this seminar to the government, practitioners, academics, and Architects widely so our nation can feel the real contribution of the participants who attended this seminar!” he said.

Separately met, Abraham Mohammad Ridjal, ST., MT, The Chief Executive of the SAN 4 explains that SAN has been pioneered by Department of Architecture since 2011. SAN launched into a serial architecture discussion holistically archipelago until 2017.

Its theme was sequentially made, started with Archipelago Wisdom in SENVAR 2011, Archipelago Humanitarian for SAN 1 in 2012, Archipelago Harmony in SAN 2 in 2013, Archipelago Diversity in SAN 3 last year, National Archipelago Architecture in this SAN 4, and the Prosperity of the Archipelago for the SAN 5 in 2017.

At the presentation session, SAN 4 specifically bring in speakers from the architectural practitioners and academics. The presence of the speaker being a magnet for the participants who even came from outside Java.

It is expected the cooperation between the two can produce real solutions on the development of the architecture self, the identity of Nusantara!” the lecturer of Laboratory of Architectural History said. (emis/mic)

Seri keempat Seminar Nasional Semesta  Arsitektur Nusantara (SAN) 4, rampung dilaksanakan Jurusan Arsitektur Universitas Brawijaya pada 17-18 November 2016. Hadir sebagai pemateri; Ir. Eko Prawoto, M.Arc, Dr. Ir Martinus Bambang Susetyarto, Prof.Ir.Antariksa, M.Eng., Ph.D, dan Dr Amos Setiadi., ST., MT.

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