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Workshop and Retirement of 2 Architecture Lecturer

  • Berita,
  • 27 March 2017
  • Posted by Admin

The annual workshop of the Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering (FT) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) was held on Friday (24/Mar/2017). Alumni and Architecture Practitioners were invited as panelists. Main topics discussed this time is the preparation of the department to open the Professional Architecture Education Program (PPARs). In the workshop also held an event to commemorate the retirement of two senior lecturers, Ir. Rr. Haru Agus Razziati, MT and the late Ir. Totok Sugiarto.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono, MT., present gave a speech opening the workshop. In his speech, he showed his support for Architecture department to start this PPArs.

Moderated by Subhan Ramdlani, ST., MT and attended by all students and Alumni cross-generation, three speakers present as panelists. Dr.Eng. Herry Santosa as the Coordinator of PPARs, Ir. Sahirwan Chairman Malang branch of the Indonesian Architects Association, and Harry Pecok of Consultant Planner. The three discussed more about the importance of the existent of at UB.

“In an era of global competition where architects from around the world can compete with a local architect. With CAFTA 2015, PPARs is an important requirement so that our graduate can compete at the same level,” said Dr. Herry. In his opinion, the presence of PPARs in Malang is important because it will be the very first, the one and only professional architecture education there.

This was echoed by the chairman of the Department of Architecture, Agung Murti Nugroho, ST., MT., Ph.D., he thinks that architect is included in the specific profession. Skills taught at the college for, the fastest, four years may not quite cover all matters relating to the profession. On the other hand internationally, Architectural Profession title be a requirement in becoming Architecture practitioners.

“In this case, Architecture UB is committed to be a pioneer of providing professional architecture education in Malang,” he said.

Retirement Appreciation

After the workshop at the first floor lobby of Architecture Department Building, the retirement  procession was held. Ir. Rr. Haru Agus Razziati, MT and the late Ir. Totok Sugiarto rewarded for completing their task in the UB Department of Architecture. The presence of the late Ir. Totok represented by his wife and children.

Dr. Ir. Surjono, MTP represent the FT-UB Dean and also the alumni was present and delivering a speech. Dr. Ir. Abdul Wahid Hasyim, MSP and Ir. Ismu Rini Dwi Ari, MT., Ph.D., of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning were also present.

“Representing our dean, I expressed a very high appreciation for both the lecturer and the founder of the Department of Architecture,” said Dr Surjono as the Alumni of Department of Architecture, who also is a student of Mrs. Haru and Mr. Totok. “There are a lot of of fond and sweet memories with them. I hope this retirement does not mean the end to the friendship ties between us,” he added.

In this event also present alumni and colleagues who are giving the impression and message for both of them. Pancawati Dewi and Wahyu Djatmiko were two of those who delivered a speech representing the alumni. Students are also offered video memories through Archie Movie division.

Ir. Haru and Ir. Totok wife also give a word of impression and messages to the Department of Architecture. They hope that this department can continue advancing providing educational services for the young generation. Both had hoped to stay in touch even after the retirement.

The event then continued with the Souvenirs exchange and giving Tali Asih for both of them before finally closed with a prayer and a group photo. (emis/mic)

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