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For the umpteenth time, a place and a time full of blessings for the Department of Architecture FTUB this year organized a National Seminar on 10/28/15 Universe Architecture Nusantara 3. As part of the implementation of the vision and spirit of the continuity of the Department of Architecture of FT-UB are always concerned about the scientific developing a Sustainable Archipelago Architecture then the Universe Architecture Nusantara 3 can not be separated from the previous National Seminar theme: Wisdom Nusantara (SAN 1) and Alignment Nusantara (SAN 2). In this regard, the Youth last month (Youth Pledge in 2015), the theme of the National Seminar on Architectural Universe 3 is Diversity Nusantara Nusantara Room.

It is against the background that the Nusantara Room Diversity is a source of inspiration for the architects of this country in the face of free competition (AFTA). Realization inspiration into a building in the process of architecture found on stages both in the studio practitioners and academics. This will be one subject of the seminar particularly exhume the philosophy, concept and engineering of space archipelago sourced either from the idea of ​​the past, present, future (utopian); harmonization of nature; tropical climate; community participation and cultural intelligence.

Nusantara Room diversity if explored in-depth, contains universal values ​​or universality in providing living space, the room was comfortable and pleasant room. The main focus of this seminar is to explore kesetempatan (placement) and universality (universal) Diversity Nusantara Room as basic values ​​of architecture in the past, present and future by combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to generate innovation and design studio teaching methods. This seminar does not pursue the aspect of quantity or amount of a target speaker but more on the quality of speakers who are focused on innovation space search archipelago good idea idea, method development studies and design.

Some provisions within the SAN 3 seminar will be divided into three stages of knowledge, namely: remembering and recognizing back, grow, develop and use of precision-Diversity Space Architecture archipelago. At this stage of recall Diversity Architectural Space Nusantara as a source of inspiration or ideas based on the basic belief system and the expectations in the past in the context of the present to the future. Cultivate and develop Diversity studio process (learning or internship) in creating a living space, comfortable and fun through a fusion between the world of academia approach (design studio) with world practice (internship) as a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of learning graduates highly competitive architecture. Lastly, the use of Diversity ketepat stage Nusantara Room is to create ketepat-truth footing, field, space, continuity and knowledge through basic ideas, design process and design development to get accurate results and continually provide opportunities sustainability of natural and human values.

National Seminar on Architectural Universe Nusantara 3 took place on October 28, 2015 in the auditorium of Prof. Ir. Suryono UB Faculty of Engineering, with Keynote Speaker Pradono Budi (Budi Pradono Architects), Aswin Indraprastha, PhD (Institut Teknologi Bandung), and Dr.Eng. Herry Santosa (UB), and guided by the moderator of the UB, namely Tito Haripradianto, MT., Prof. Space, and Heru Sufianto, PhD. More than 50 authors participated in 24 papers were entered in this seminar, from the University of Brawijaya, UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Institute of Technology, Petra Christian University, University of August 17, 1945 Surabaya, University of Sultan Fatah, Diponegoro University, Bandung Institute of Technology Parahyangan Catholic University, University of Riau, Bandar Lampung University, University of Sriwijaya, Khairun University, University of March, and SITEPARI Semarang. The seminar was attended by 15 people presenter of 18 papers were received, guided by Murti Agung Nugroho, a PhD from UB, and Dr.Eng. Hanson Endra Kusuma from Bandung Institute of Technology. The seminar was also attended by about 350 participants consisting of lecturers and students of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Based on the noble values ​​of a nation (Pancasila), then the sustainability of the National Seminar will continue to explore new paradigms that focus on kesetempatan “archipelago” as the philosophical basis and elaborated in thematic series Seminar Universe Architecture archipelago, namely wisdom (SENVAR 12), humanity (SAN 1), alignment (SAN 2), diversity (SAN 3), togetherness (SAN 4 – 2016) and prosperity (SAN 5 – 2017)

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